Developing curriculum for tomorrow’s brightest kids

When we started Gyankriti, we wanted to support the overall growth of a developing kid, affecting hearts as well as minds and addressing  emotional, physical, social and cultural needs along with academic welfare. The entire curriculum was supposed to combine the best research and practice of our honourable advisers and dearest colleagues. The internet makes it easy for our teachers and principals located at all the centres in Indore. All of them with a wealth of experience and knowledge from various schools in India and abroad are working together to create a engaging and relevant pre-primary programme.


Our programme aims to offer a comprehensive, ‘curiosity development’ approach to teaching and learning. The entire framework is primarily based on following questions that troubled me during my research and groundwork on pre-primary education:

  1. What do we expect so small, 1.5 years to 6 years old, children to learn?
  2. What is the best way to assist their learning?
  3. How will we as parents and teachers know what they have learned?

Any academic program has a set of desired outcomes to characterize a successful student. Our curriculum is based on following objectives:

  • The student can be an ‘inquirer’ enjoying his/her love of learning, the role of teachers in this case is to nurture student’s curiosity.
  • The students must show sensitivity towards feelings and needs of others. We must also try to sow the seeds of integrity, honesty and a sense of fairness and justice as this stage.
  • They should understand the importance of physical education and personal well-being.
  • They should have confidence to deal with unfamiliar situations without anxiety.
  • They receive and express ideas and information confidently in more than one language including the language of mathematical symbols.
  • They should spend time in Gyankriti exploring themes which have global relevance and importance.

In doing so, they will acquire tremendous amount of knowledge, well at least as a preschooler. At the heart of this programme is structured curiosity building approach. Teachers focus on facilitating inquiry in the classroom and beyond.

The topics or themes of each grade level represent a set of traditional topics like alphabets, numbers, nature, society and festivals. Some specific aspects of pre-literacy and pre-math skills that can be learned through more traditional approaches. Students will also work to develop communication, social, self-management and thinking skills.

We always say that our curriculum is a ‘work in progress’ so we are open to your suggestions on our vision of Gyankriti curriculum. Very soon we will share some of our ideas and sample lesson plans here.

Note: The author is Founder-Director of Gyankriti. The views expressed here are personal.

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