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Community cooking session by parent

cooking is fun!

Today we had community cooking in Junior School. One of our parent Mrs. Kirti Agrawal (Mother of Dhriti Agrawal – Grade one) conducted this session. Students and educators helped her in preparing corn bhel. Students learned many new things like the peeling of boiled corn, boiled potatoes, coriander and chopping of vegetables followed by the mixing of spices in proper proportion to give it yummy taste. Later they enjoyed eating tasty corn bhel. They were extremely excited after eating corn bhel made by them.  We want to thank Mrs. Agrawal for coming up with such a great idea and making it a delightful day for the children.

Photos: https://www.facebook.com/gyankriti/posts/2092020827486194

Hereby, we invite all the parents from our parent community to take part in community cooking at Gyankriti. If you are interested kindly drop us an email. We will discuss the process in detail with you.

Please note: Parents can also take variety of sessions for students ranging from Art workshop to sports, educational trips to showcasing their literary works, story writing session to puppet show. It can be anything which can give exposure to our students outside the regular classroom setup.

Launch of Philately Club at Gyankriti

Philately is the study of stamps and postal history and other related items. It also refers to the collection, appreciation and research activities on stamps and other philatelic products. Junior School students visited the Indore GPO and met the in-charge of philatelic bureau, Ms. Kamla Khatwani. She showed us various stamps in the collection of GPO and formally announced the launch of Gyankriti’s Philatelic Club. We will dedicate an entire wall at Gyankriti for showcasing the stamps issued by post office, in the hope that it will be an excellent way for students to learn about historical events.

Philately Wall

We also gifted each student a specially printed stamp with Gyankriti logo and an envelope. They will use it to complete a homework assignment where they are supposed to send a letter to any of their friends or relatives.

Student posting letter as part of the home assignment activity.

It is also possible to develop philately as a hobby for your children. It is a very easy and simple process. You just need to open a ‘philatelic-deposit-account’ at the GPO and they will send you a copy of all the latest stamps issued by the Dept. of posts.

You can also get customized My Stamps with photos of your child or a family photo.

Gyankriti’s My Stamp

Contact Ms. Khatwani at the GPO for availing these facilities.

Philatelic Deposit Account: https://www.indiapost.gov.in/…/Philatelic-Deposit-Account.a…

Customized My Stamp: https://www.indiapost.gov.in/Philat…/…/Content/My-Stamp.aspx

We would like to thank the entire GPO team for allowing our students to visit them on the National Post Day.

Poem&Story Recitation Day + Ramanujan Week

Poem and Story Recitation Day (Preschool Event)

Following students participated in the poem and story recitation day. All the participants will get a certificate of appreciation at the Yearly Award Ceremony (25th February 2018). List of participants:

  • Nursery: Ariketh Goyal, Kavya Mishra, Maksharth Gokhale, Aarna Singh, Heral Patidar, Jivishka Gurbani
  • Junior KG: Krisha Jain, Mansi Rangari, Bhavya Nahar, Lakshya Gupta, Aarav Bansal, Shankhesh Chhajed, Aradhy Gupta, Abhyudaya Shukla, Atin Nema, Aayansh Vyas
  • Senior KG: Nayesha Gangwani, Aarav Sharma, Rudra Joshi

Thank you all the parents and students for participation we appreciate your efforts!

Learning Basics of Coding – Junior School

Grade 1 students were exposed to computer coding with the help of a game. The students were supposed to act like a robot which follows does a particular task whenever some command is typed in the system. The lesson plan and photographs of the activity are given here for details:

  • Understanding how robotic instructions are given
    • Ask children to use instructions for routine works like – go ten steps in forward direction, take a left turn, e.t.c
    • Make syntax for each instruction
      • START
      • Moving forward A steps – walk(A)
      • Left turn – turn(L)
      • Right turn – turn(R)
      • Moving backward B steps – walkback(B)
      • STOP
    • Work in teams of two to write an algorithm to make a square of 5 steps size
    • Teacher will make turtle outputs for each of the answer
      • Correct answer should look like
      • START
      • Walk(5)
      • Turn(L)
      • Walk(5)
      • Turn(L)
      • Walk(5)
      • Turn(L)
      • Walk(5)
      • STOP
    • Discuss if any other algorithm is possible.
  • Using FOR loop
  • Give some situations where similar types of instructions are repeated.
  • FOR(5)
  • {
  • ….
  • }
  • This repeats the code 5 times.

Ask students to make new code for making a 5 step square using FOR loop

  • FOR(3)
  • {
  • Walk(5)
  • Turn(L)
  • }
  • Walk(5)
  • STOP

Write code for making shapes in groups of 3/4 students :