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This will not do at Gyankriti – यह सब नहीं ‘चलेगा’ ज्ञानकृति में

Today, 15th November, is the birth anniversary of Gijubhai Badheka. Gijubhai is an inspiration behind Gyankriti’s education philosophy. It is compulsory for all the educator joining Gyankriti to read the book ‘Diwaswapna’ by Gijubhai. We have multiple copies available in our library. Many of our parents also read and appreciate it. Order the book no. A001 or A002 from our library if you haven’t read it yet. http://gyankriti.com/moodle/mod/page/view.php?id=238

Another of his book “prathamikshaalam shikshak” has also encouraged us to frame our policies in such a way that Gyankriti is most loving place for children. Many parents or adults can think that we are not a hi-fi school but that is not something we want to do. Real education does not depend on how much resources or infrastructure you have. A Gurukul like Gyankriti can provide best of education within the limited resources we have. We have made of collection of some things that will not do at gyankriti from the excerpts of the book.

  • चलेगा कि हमारे स्कूल में शिक्षा पर पुस्तकों का एक विशाल पुस्तकालय नहीं है। नहीं चलेगा कि कोई भी व्यक्ति शिक्षा से संबंधित विषयों पर कोई भी किताब पढ़ नहीं सके।
  • चलेगा कि हमारी स्कूल की इमारत फैंसी पत्थरों या टाइलों से सजी न हो। नहीं चलेगा कि मैदान में गड्ढे हैं या उसकी दीवारों पर कीचड़ और गोबर के दाग-धब्बे नहीं हो।
  • चलेगा कि दीवारों पर रंग ना पुता हो। नहीं चलेगा कि कोनों में धूलऔर मकड़ी के जाले हो।
  • चलेगा कि फर्श पर कालीन नहीं है। नहीं चलेगा कि फर्श पर कूड़े और गंदगी फैलाई जाती हो।
  • चलेगा कि  फैंसी उपकरणों से भरी एक प्रयोगशाला नहीं है। नहीं चलेगा कि उपलब्ध छोटे उपकरणों का इस्तेमाल कभी नहीं किया जाता है।
  • चलेगा कि बड़ा पुस्तकालय नहीं है। नहीं चलेगा कि बच्चों को पसंद आने वाली कुछ किताबें न हों।
  • चलेगा कि हम महान विद्वान नहीं हैं। नहीं चलेगा कि हम अपने बच्चों को सम्मानऔर सम्मान देने वाला वातावरण नहीं दे सकते हैं।
  • चलेगा कि हम लगातार बच्चों के ‘अध्यापन’  में न लगे हों। नहीं चलेगा कि हम उनकी गतिविधियों में हस्तक्षेप करते हो , उन्हें धमकाते हो या अध्ययन हेतु बैठने के लिए मजबूर करते हैं।
  • चलेगा कि हमारे विद्यालय में बच्चे कुछ समय का अध्ययन करें और थोड़ी देर खेलें। नहीं चलेगा कि वे सख्त पर्यवेक्षण के तहत श्रमिकों जैसे दिन भर काम करते रहे।
  • चलेगा कि हमारे स्कूल के बच्चे हमसे मित्रों की तरह गले ना मिले। नहीं चलेगा कि वे हमे देखकर दूर भागे या हमसे डरते हैं।
  • चलेगा कि हमारे बच्चे एक जगह बैठे, पढ़े या चित्र बनाए, क्योंकि उन्हें ऐसा करना पसंद है। नहीं चलेगा कि वे किसी बाहरी व्यक्ति को प्रभावित करने के लिए कोई चित्रकारी करें या गाना गाए।
  • चलेगा कि हमारे बच्चे थोड़ा कम या थोड़ा धीमा सीखते हैं। नहीं चलेगा कि उन पर पढाई करने के लिए चिल्लाया जाता हो, ताकि वे तंग आकर आलसी बन जाये।
  • चलेगा कि बच्चे हमें बताएं कि उन्हें कुछ समझ नहीं आ रहा है, या फिर धीरे-धीरे  बाद में समझ आये। नहीं चलेगा कि सज़ा के डर से जल्दबाजी में आधा-अधूरा सीखे।
  • It will do if our school does not have a vast library of books on education. It will not do if no one reads a single book on education related topics.
  • It will do if our school building isn’t clad with fancy stones or tiles. It will not do if there are potholes in the ground, or if its walls are not clad with mud and dung.
  • It will do if the walls are not covered with paint. It will not do if there is dust and cobwebs in corners.
  • It will do if the floors are not covered by carpets. It will not do if there is litter and dirt strewed on them.
  • It will do if there is not a laboratory full of fancy equipment. It will not do if the little equipment that is available is not everused.
  • It will do if there is not a great big library. It will not do if there are not at least a few books that children would enjoy reading.
  • It will do if we are not great scholars. It will not do if we cannot give our children due respect, and an environment that encourages their development.
  • It will do if we are not constantly engaged in ‘teaching’ children. It will not do if we interfere in their activities, or threaten or force them to sit down to study.
  • It will do if the children in our school study a while and play a while. It will not do if they toil through the day like labourers under our strict supervision.
  • It will do if the children of our school do not cling to us like friends. It will not do if they run at the sight of us, or are afraid of us.
  • It will do if our children sit, read or draw because they feel like doing so. It will not do if they paint a picture or sing a song to impress an outsider.
  • It will do if our children learn a little less, or a little slower. It will not do if they are screamed at to study, so that they get fed up and become lethargic.
  • It will do if children tell us that they did not understand something, or do it slowly, at a later stage. It will not do if they rush through it under duress of punishment.

Book reviews by Ms. Jyoti Malviya (Grade2 Homeroom teacher)

Book reviews by our educator Ms. Jyoti Malviya (Grade2 Homeroom teacher)

Library for Parents (List of books & Online order form)

Book no. A045: Wings of Fire
An autobiography by A P J Abdul Kalam. In this book Dr. Kalam has shared his lifetime experiences with rocketry and machines. How they plan and how they execute it, how they give wings to rocket and how they give wings to their dreams. He discussed about Agni, Prithvi, SLV-3 and so on. He has mentioned names of all the great people with whom he has been for long time and help him in showing right path. He discussed about the leadership qualities, also discussed about how people always engaged in their problems instead of finding solution. As he mentioned a very good poem
God has not promised
skies always blue……..
But God has promised
Strength for the day,
Rest for the labour
Light for the way.

He has shown a great interest in Youth of India and inspired them. He likely to see developed India. I think the meaning of Wings of fire is wings to our dreams.

Personally I want to thanks Akshay Sir and Yograj Sir because few years back when I was in college I heard a lot about this book, from that day I was very excited to read this book but because of heavy course I didn’t manage to read this book, after completion of college I got engaged in my personal life and my professional life…. again my dream of reading this book remained the dream. But a hearty thanks to you both… finally I got the chance to read this book and I fulfill one of my dream.

Book no. A032: Stories from here and there

Stories from here and there written by Sunil Handa Sir. The book comprises of many stories with a moral of every story. I enjoyed reading this book as everyone enjoys reading stories.It is well said that truth is bitter but stories are best way to show the mirror. Many stories are there which I like most such as:
1. Easiest way to have God’s darshan
2. The biggest lesson
3. Can’t hide bad intentions
4. Reality – one question and many answer
5. A land where there were no old man
6. Arjun or Eklavya
7. You always find something that reflect you
8. Harshvardhan and Siddhraj
9. What is education
10. Write on sand and stone
11. Better I learn to live with it
12. Necessity become a ritual
13. Two large pots- one cracked and other perfect
14. The clever jeweller
15. Grammatical error
16. Srinivas Ramanujan- division
17. Fill the place with something
18. Weight problem
19. Like what you get
20. Real prosperity
21. Transform your life
22. Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder
23. No body can insult you unless you want to be insulted
24. Keep learning till you die
25. Function of a leader
26. The greatest man
27. Bad to worse therapy
28. Triple filter test
29. Illusion
30. Adaptation
31. Two wrongs don’t make one write
32. Never give advice to fools
33. The biggest victory is to win heart of the people
34. Don’t give up yours dream
35. It wasn’t your baby
36. The best medicine
37. Secret of happy marriage
38. Sleep when the wind blows
39. The picture in the wallet
40. I’ll never complain again
41. Slap in the face
These are some stories which I like most and forced me to think over it. I would like to read this book once more as many of the stories are inspirational and we require inspirations after every short intervals. I’ll try to inculcate some stories in my life too. It was nice reading this book.