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Parent Blog: ज्ञानकृति की अलग है पढ़ाई – सब कुछ करके सीखो भाई

ज्ञानकृति की पढ़ाई अपनी अलग विशेषता लिए हुये है। अन्य विद्यालय की पढ़ाई और ज्ञानकृति की पढ़ाई में अंतर बताती हुयी कविता।

यह कविता मैंने अपने बालक को कक्षा 1 और 2 में दिये गए होमवर्क और सिलैबस के बारे में जानकार लिखी है।

अन्य विद्यालय:

सुबह पढ़ाई, शाम पढ़ाई
ऊपर से ट्यूशन का बोझ
बिना समझाये, हमे रटाए
शिक्षक जी शाला में रोज़

बारह-खड़ी अभी है सीखी
और किताबें दे दी ढ़ेर
यह बचपन के साथ हमारे
होने लगा बहुत अंधेर

अब ज्ञानकृति के बारे में

वर्षामापी यंत्र बनवाते
और कराते वर्षा की नपाई
वृक्षों से है छाल निकलवाते
ऊपर से बीजों की बुवाई
ज्ञानकृति की अलग है पढ़ाई
सब कुछ करके सीखो भाई (2)

फल-वाले से बात करवाते
किलोग्राम का ज्ञान कराते
और कराते दूध की नपाई
ज्ञानकृति की अलग है पढ़ाई
सब कुछ करके सीखो भाई (2)

कविता पाठ करते हुये श्रेयांश 


Written by Ms. Deepa Shrivastava mother of Shreyansh Shrivastava (Grade 2 student)

Facebook Live with Yograj Patel 16 December 2017

Disclaimer1: The questions asked by teachers in the session are not their own queries or views they are only representing the questions usually asked by parents of their classes.

Disclaimer2: We have some core philosophies, for e.g. 100% attendance, punctuality etc., they are not debatable, discussion is only for doubts and clarifications.

Facebook Live Video Recording: https://www.facebook.com/gyankriti/videos/1704421859579428/

Question 1: My child is interested for Dance or Cricket. I want to know because he is very much interested in both things? – Suresh Chouhan

Answer in video: 1:16 to 4:00

Summary of answer: Interest of young children change with time. It is better for wait atleast age of 7-8 years before children start any formal training. Avoid time pass activity classes – risk of bad influence. Avoid team games, younger children are more likely to show more interest in individual sports.


Question 2: How did you decide about the theme of this year’s annual function? What inspired you? – Navita Katariya

Answer in video: 4:00 to 6:28

Summary of answer: We focus on developing nationalistic and patriotic feeling among students, they should know about each and every part of India. ‘Indic languages’ was an easy theme to showcase India’s culture and mother of all languages – Sanskrit. The movie Baahubali inspired us for this theme as it has songs in multiple languages including the Dheevara song in Sanskrit language.


Question 3: Why didn’t you give any mementos or certificate this year in Gyankumbh? – Deepika Gokhale

Answer in video: 6:30 to 7:40

Summary of answer: This year onwards we will organize Yearly Award Ceremony to distribute all the awards at once. It is scheduled at PritamLalDua Sabhagruh on 25th February 2018.


Question 4: प्रीस्कूल कक्षाओं में कोई भी पाठ्यपुस्तक नहीं है। किन्तु कक्षा १ में कई पुस्तकें हैं। क्या यह व्यवस्था बच्चों के लिये कठिनाईपूर्ण नहीं होती? – Rachana Saxena

Why there are no textbooks in your school? – Rajkumar Rathore

Answer in video: 7:40 to 9:00

Summary of answer: This is not factually correct. We have notebooks in all classes, children however don’t carry them in school bags every day. Preschool students don’t have textbooks and we follow our own curriculum developed in sync with ICSE guidelines. Grade1 onwards students get textbooks for Hindi, English and Maths. They do not face any difficulty in using the textbooks, all the Grade1 students and parents can testify this.


Question 5: How children should be raised so that they could think on their own? and 2. How parents should react to children’s mistake and rude behaviour especially in public? – Gourav Gupta

Answer in video: 9:00 to 15:25

Summary of answer: Quite a subjective issue. What we do at Gyankriti? Increase confidence of children by training them in Practical Life Skills. Once they become independent they can start taking small risks. Block and Montessori hour for mental development. Teacher should only support and not write exact answer on board for copying.


Please don’t make mistakes an ego or self-esteem issue. Don’t be embarrassed by behaviour of children. Frame rules in circle time, revise the rules regularly. Parents should show ideal behaviour in front of children. If the issue continues for long time check if your child has any disability or disorder.


Question 5: Why ICSE not CBSE? – Raghvi Gupta, Pushyamitra Joshi, Gagan Rathore

Answer in video: 15:30 to 18:30

Summary of answer: CBSE is currently looking after over 20000 schools across India. Too many schools and reduction in quality over the years. ICSE is better at quality and provides some freedom for schools to implement their own unique ideas. It is also better in terms of language development, be it Hindi, English or third language. A recent survey of over 25000 students by NCERT concluded that ICSE is the number one board in India and its students scored much better in English, Maths and Science as compared to CBSE or any other state board.

Comments: There is mistake in video. I said ICSE instead of CBSE at some places.

Mr. Jayakrishnan (Course Instructor at IITBombayX.in) is also writing a detailed blog on this topic.


Question 6: Why our syllabus or writing work is less? Why no cursive writing? – Dipty Joshi, Deepika Gokhale, Suresh Chouhan

Answer in video: 20:50 to 25:30

Summary of answer: Syllabus is as per ICSE curriculum. Our focus is more on concepts and less on cramming. Similar kind of syllabus is followed at other goods schools in India. Similarly, in terms of writing work, it is at par with NCERT guidelines, they can write what they can read. The brief outline is: Nursery: Pattern Writing, Junior KG: English Alphabets, Senior KG: Hindi Alphabets and English words, Grade1: Passages in Hindi and English.

Apart from this writing has no future, all the competitive exams are held online these days. In the coming years children may be allowed to even give board exams on computers.


Question 7: Want to know about phonic sound? How to teach phonic sound to kid? And how it’s helpful for them? – Bharti Mishra

Answer in video: 25:55 to 27:40

Summary of answer: The method of teaching reading by phonics, especially English, is not scientific at all. The sounds change all the time, there are more exceptions and many more rules. Children get confused by rules and they tend to decode words all the time and hence unable to enjoy reading.


Question 8: Hindi me aap Grade1 ke bachchon ko matra gyaan nhi kara rahe he tab kya bachhe hindi pad payenge theek se? – Dipty Joshi

Answer in video: 27:40 to 29:30

Summary of answer: Not true. We introduce all the matras at once. Our Hindi textbook Rimjhim has all matras from first chapter itself. Vowel sounds, Nasal sounds like bindu, chandrabindu, nukhta, everything is properly taught to children. We don’t specify any particular time period of teaching a particular matra, that is why this confusion is there among parents.


Question 9: Any plans for expansion in Rajasthan? – Nutan Mankodi, Are you planning to merge Annapurna and Nipania Branch? – Ashwini Kopergaonkar.

Answer in video: 29:30 to 31:50

Summary of answer: We don’t have any expansion plan. Want to work only in Indore and open only one school. There are also no plans for merger of Nipania and Annapurna branch. They will continue to operate independently for preschool students near their home. Grade1 onwards main campus will come very soon. Plan is already shared on our website’s location page.


Question 10: How to deal with Mobile and TV addiction in children? – Dipty Joshi

Answer in video: 31:50 to 32:15

Please check a separate video we made on this topic: https://youtu.be/u0L1mnW7EpY


Question 11: I have heard that ICSE board is tough?

Answer in video: 32:15 to 33:05

Summary of answer: Yes, we also find that the board is tougher in comparison to CBSE as it focuses more on conceptual learning instead of rote learning. But it should not be a problem if the school is developing concepts from early stage.

Other questions I was not able to answer in the live video

  • What is the role of infrastructure in term of good school as many of parents and colleagues have issue and deny just because of infrastructure?
  • The infra of Gyankriti is sufficient for the number of students we have with us. 5000sqft for 100 children is better than 2 acres for 2000 children.
  • Sir can you brief on your infrastructure of school, when it will be developed?
  • http://www.gyankriti.com/en/locations/main-campus we have published the future plan summary on website.
  • Sometimes mother is not able to teach child due to lack of knowledge of English language and father is busy with tight schedule.
  • 1) Please try to support children during formative years, that is upto 10 years of age after that he will be able to manage on his own. 2) We don’t give any homework where parents need to teach, classwork is enough.
  • Bahut bar aisa hota h kuch parents mail check ni kar pate or bacche kuch event miss kar dete h to bacche sad hote h iske liye kya kar sakte h aap
  • यदि आपके पास इस समस्या का कोई सुझाव हो तो जरूर भेजें, हम उस पर विचार करेंगे, दुर्भाग्यवश सबको फोन करना संभव नहीं है और शायद ही उससे भी यह समस्या हल हो
  • Abhi currently hui euro kids ki durghatna aur Roz iss tarah ki durghatnao ko dekhte hue Apne Apke school k bachho ko unke level par inn sabhi ghatnao se bachne k liye kya kya awareness program shuru kiye hai…?
  • We take some of these age-appropriate topics in preschool assembly and value drama sessions. Regarding current secuirty measures, everything is inline with government guidelines and we completed a security audit 3 months ago. It is done twice a year.