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Visit to Fountainhead School, Surat

The founding team of Gyankriti, Akshay Gupta and Yograj Patel, visited Fountainhead School, Surat this week. Here are the details of the visit:

Fountainhead School, Surat

About Fountainhead: Fountainhead School was founded by two IIM Ahmedabad alumni Ankita Diwekar Kabra and Vardhan Kabra in April 2005. The school started with six students and today it has more than 2000 students in its preschool and main school. The Fountainhead School dreams of revolutionizing the Indian Education System. Undoubtedly, there is an enormous gap between the kind of education that is possible & desirable; and the type of education that is currently available in India. Fountainhead aims to bring the sheer joy of learning back to the classroom with its innovative schooling system.

One can read more about Fountainhead school and it’s founders from school’s website http://www.fountainheadschools.org/ or from Page 140 of Rashmi Bansal‘s book ” Stay hungry stay foolish“.

Background and Agenda of the trip: Vardhan is also an IIT Bombay alumnus, sharing the same Alma matter and vision for education he has always been an inspiration for Akshay and Yograj. This was our second visit to Fountainhead. Last time we visited the school on 5th Feb 2012, that was before founding Gyankriti to understand the basic requirements of starting a preschool. We did include some of the best practices of Fountainhead preschool at our Gyankriti preschools. Since Gyankriti has upgraded itself to Junior Schools this year and a senior school is already planned, we again felt the need to review and learn more about our academics and classroom strategies. The visit was primarily focused on seeking information about student learning processes and classroom management strategies for teachers. It was an overwhelming experience for us and we could relate to many similarities between Gyankriti and Fountainhead curriculum, teaching methods and policies. At the same time we learnt a lot about continuous improvement required to manage the school at larger scale. We also studied their school bus management and Physical Education & Sports programs in great detail. We wish to revise many things that are possible in our context.

We would like to thank Vardhan, Ankita, Swati, Suruchi and many other team members of Fountainhead School for allowing us to visit their school and supporting us throughout the visit.