Why we start ‘writing work’ at the age of 3 years?

At Gyankriti we introduce basic pattern writing in second half of seedling (nursery) and alphabet writing starts in plant (KG-1). Many parents ask us why we start writing work so ‘late’, most of the preschools start from pre-nursery itself.

Well the answer lies in the development of Fine Motor Skills. A child’s effort to learn about the world involve the manipulation of materials. As the movements of their hands and fingers become coordinated, they become adept in manipulating and handling objects. The development of fine motor skills can be seen in the way a child writes with a chalk or a pencil. If you give a crayon to a 3 year old you will notice that she holds the crayon like an adult, using the forefinger and thumb to grasp it close to its writing end. Control over scribbling emerges at the same time as the child masters other manipulative skills. Closed forms such as circles are only possible for the child for three years of age or above. The ability to draw vertical lines seems to precede that of drawing horizontal lines. Crosses, squares, triangles and diamonds follow in sequential order. While toddlers delight in the sheer physical activity of moving a crayon around an producing marks on paper, a child entering the age of 3 years attempts to control her scribbling and discovers a connection between these marks and the world around her. Lines are no longer simply marks on paper but begin to have a meaning for the child.

Four year olds hold a crayon firmly and are better able to use the small muscles of their fingers. Their drawing comprise recognizable forms although one cannot decide what they are. By five years of age, the child’s drawings are quite distinguishable as people, animals or trees.


Why you shouldn’t blindly trust the worksheets:

Its a bitter truth that many preschool teachers fake the work done by their children. They are under so much pressure from parents and school management that they just find an easy solution. I have came to know that in many preschools, teachers spend a lot more time on doing worksheets and then correcting them than on actual teaching part. The school management are working a ‘fixed targets’ of curriculum completion. On top that the curriculum is mostly not fit for the children of that age. That is why the children don’t take any interest in such activities. As a parent you can always use the above information and cross-check if your child is doing the worksheets on her own or the teachers is doing it.

Our belief:

At Gyankriti, we keep a strict control on managing the work done by children, we prefer to send empty worksheets instead of sending manipulated work. Parents should also accept the individual strengths and weaknesses of their children and try to work on them. At the same time the teachers and school management should report the actual status of children.