Uniform Details

Preschool Uniform (Pre-Nursery to Senior Kg)

  • Pair of T-shirts with Gyankriti Logo will be provided by School
  • Comfortable lowers and shoes of parent's choice

Junior School Uniform (Class 1 to Class 4)

  • Shirt: Blue self-lining half sleeves shirt with pocket on the right side.
  • Pant: A smart blue double pleated full pant.
  • Socks: Navy Blue colour (plain)
  • Shoes: Black shoes (Velcro, Mfg. Rexgola)
  • Belt: Black belt
  • Winter wear: Dark navy blue V-neck sweater
  • Head Scarf: Dark navy blue in colour (if required) during winter.
  • Hair accessories: Black colour hair clips or black hair band
  • Sports uniform: To be worn only during sports activities - Track suit shorts (Dark Navy blue) and T-shirt (White)
  • Skates for skating period
  • Samples of all the above items are available in school office.