Textbook List

Preschool (Pre-Nursery to Senior KG)

No textbooks are required. Necessary study material is provided by school. The Preschool curriculum prepares students for pre-requisities of Junior School mentioned below.

Junior School (Class 1 to Class 4)

Comparison of ICSE Syllabus & Gyankriti curriculum


Subjects to be studied at the Primary Level as per CISCE syllabus (http://cisce.org/publications.aspx)

Textbooks, Workbooks, Teacher's book, Reference
book and other material used to meet the syllabus


First Language (English)

  • New Oxford Modern English (Oxford Publications)
  • Oxford Reading Circle (Oxford Publications)


Second Language (Hindi)

Rimjhim by NCERT



  • New Guided Mathematics (Oxford Publications)
  • Math Magic by NCERT


Environmental Studies (EVS)

Small Science (HBCSE- TIFR)


Computer Studies

Computer Masti (InOpen - IITB)


 Arts Education

Gyankriti's own curriculum (Art&Craft, Dance, Drama)

In addition to the above, the following should also be taken up at the Primary and Upper Primary levels:


Recommended by ICSE board

Implementation at Gyankriti


Third Language** (at least Class V -VIII)

Sanskrit introduced from Nursery itself through rhymes.
Class 1 onwards simple vocabulary and conversation is introduced


Physical Education

Gross Motor and Fitness Exercises, Sports (Skating, Tennis), Yoga, Indian Sports (Kho-Kho, Kabaddi etc.)


Education in Moral and Spiritual Values

Through Prayers, Circle Time and Stories, Assembly performances and role plays


Socially Useful Productive Work and
Community Service (SUPW) (Class VI -VIII)

 Kar Sewa, Practical Life Skills, Projects and Excursions


The entire curriculum is available on Council's website ( http://cisce.org/publications.aspx ) for interested readers.